ON OCTOBER 8, 1980


“Tinsel has its place in our life, and many times tinsel is used to help motivate celebration and encourage charity.  Tinsel is a decoration.  Tinsel is an attraction to a time, a place, a thing, an event.

In reality, tinsel has little value.  It tends to be extreme, sometimes even gaudy, and yet tinsel has its place in our life.  The preparations for Christmas are tinseled to encourage unity in celebration, excitement in being charitable to each other.  Tinsel also covers defects in clothing, in room decor, and even poverty.

Isn’t it strange that we place so much importance on tinsel because of what it does?  It makes things festive, it makes things give attention, gain attention and express attention, BUT tinsel also loses its usefulness quickly.

At Christmas it is fun, sometimes even exciting to put tinsel everywhere to encourage everyone to join in the festivities of celebration.  And then, almost like the roll of thunder, something within us says it’s time to take the tinsel down.  It’s like a roar to remove the tinsel because it has seen its usefulness, and once it is down there’s a feeling of cleanliness and things are back to normal.  Perhaps there are even moments of nostalgia, but we quickly recuperate and go on to adjusting to our routine and forget the tinsel for awhile.

It would be terrible thinking of tinsel in Heaven.  There is a difference between tinsel and pure beauty.  Tinsel is only a human imitation to encourage celebrating or to attract attention.

In establishing Holy Mother Church, God did not use tinsel in the story to attract our attention, for God needs no tinsel to motivate charity or Christianity.  The establishment and the institution of Holy Mother Church were serious, and of course, have only sound values and sound standards in Its foundation.

Paganism has tinsel.  Remember the golden idols men used, and use in our day, were to dramatize power, greatness, wealth and goals.

At this time in the world there is great confusion between tinsel and beauty in connection with Holy Mother Church.  In stripping Holy Mother Church of the symbols and the encouragement of kneeling before God, it has interfered with, and in many ways, stripped man’s thinking of the beauty of adoring the One True God in an act of humility.

Replacing solemnity in honoring God is the tinseled tongue of so many evangelists with their brassy deliberations and interpretations about Jesus and God.  They are showing and expressing little value because they speak out only their opinion and personal interpretation of the Bible.  They cover the defects in their Faith in God and in their knowledge of God with the tinsel of shouting, false healing, theatrics, and dominating people with their own greed for money, for attention, and for power.

Holy Mother Church is the One True Church, established and instituted by God.  There is no tinsel needed here to draw the faithful to truth, BUT a lack of Faith in God in the men in the Church is casting the faithful aside, because the men in Holy Mother Church are looking at the glitter of the so-called evangelists, forgetting that solemnity has peace, strength, humility, honor and hope, in its very existence.  They are stripping the churches, but they are using tinsel to express their ‘new thinking’, ‘new direction’, ‘new approach’, with the emphasis on variety rather than stability.”

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