ON OCTOBER 8, 1980


“Religion can be a matter of conscience, worship of God, or gods, a particular system of religious belief and worship.  Religion, in the mere word, seems to speak in a general way.  That is why it is so important to determine which Church you should belong to.  This determines the direction of your Faith in God, your beliefs based on the doctrine of the individual church.

There is no doubt Christ was a Jew and there is no doubt He instituted Christianity.  Joseph was a Jew, Our Lady was a Jew, with the practice of Their beliefs in evidence in how They stood as Man, Woman and Family when They lived upon the earth.  For centuries men have delved into the lives of These Three.  Some information has passed on through translation of the spoken language of that day in which They lived.

As sand is now as it was two and three thousand years ago, sand in itself, is fact, it is truth, and the fact that it is sand has not changed through translation of the very word.  The substance is now as it was then.  Sound truth is like this:  as water has always been water, sand has always been sand, truth never loses its logic.

There can be no doubt that as Christ instituted Christianity, He formed, He molded and He contrived a specific format, formula for honoring The Father.  As Roman Catholics we should understand that in His Design of this First Christian Church, He placed within It all that we needed to become Saints.  He based our One True Church on the Ten Commandments and then added Himself Physically so that we would never be totally dependent on just His Word but would always have a Gift of His Personal Love, Attention and Substance — Himself.

How can Faith dwindle with so much foundation?  How can men translate incorrect definitions into such sound logic of reality?  A man who has the privilege to receive The Body and Blood of Christ Himself, who can say he does not see or feel the impact of This Gift, has most certainly received It unprepared and unwilling to be thankful for such Divine Love.  A lack of gratitude based on self-love blinds one to reality.  The world is full of self-love, motivated by selfishness, self-importance, self-power, eliminating Faith in God, in how He works.

What religion are you?  What do you claim to be?  Do you fight for your religion when others deny its beauty, its value, its consistency, its purpose, its soundness, its institution, its solemnity, its balance, its basic values, its reasoning, its Founder, its goal?  Such a well-established religion as Roman Catholicism must never eliminate the need for repetitiveness in reminding man of the Ten Commandments, of the Way of The Cross, of the necessity for devotions, prayer, dedication and commitment to the religious life, or groups of men and groups of women dedicated to helping mankind through charity for the physical, the mental and the Spiritual needs each man has.

With such soundness, we must all remember that satan envies Holy Mother Church and is attacking It from the inside out, for it would have been impossible to attack It from the outside in.  It is too strong and would have survived, because children who have been led to believe in this Particular Faith, who have been born as Roman Catholics, could never have denied Its beauty, strength, consolation, hope and goals.”

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