ON OCTOBER 21, 1980


“Men talk about Holiness, men read about Holiness, men like to be associated with someone who has been considered to have Holiness.  Holiness is not a human trait but should be the aim for all people who have Faith in God.  Holiness is connected to our Saints.  Holiness was earned by Them through the works They performed while They lived upon the earth.  Men rarely talk about Holiness concerning themselves because they truly feel that Holiness is for someone else.

If Holiness were offered to man while he was alive upon the earth, there is a good chance he or she would question how to handle Holiness for his or her way of life.  Some of the questions might be these:

How will Holiness affect my relationship with other people?

How will Holiness affect my work?

How will Holiness make others see me, act toward me, accept me?

How will Holiness interfere with my social life?

How will Holiness affect my personality, my association with everyone I have met or will meet?

What obligations does Holiness demand?

What is the full scope that Holiness extends to?

What will others expect of me?

Will I be ostracized everywhere I go?

Will people demand constant attention from me?

These questions and more would be asked because man immediately reacts to what he has to give up, what he has to do out of the ordinary, and this oftentimes determines man’s negative reaction to very beautiful things in life.  Man is safe.  Holiness is earned and not just handed to man.  Holiness is God’s Gift of Love as a reward.

Holiness waits for each of us, and it does not begin with great ‘big acts’ of love, of atonement, of reparation, of penance, but with a ‘Pure Faith in God’, desiring to please only Him, with sound attention, intention, and obedience to God’s Ten Commandments, basing all thoughts, words, deeds and actions on These Commandments.

Holiness is the result of our dedication and commitment to God for the good of our Soul.  There is nothing confusing about Holiness.  It is reaching for purity, knowing it is the reward for purity.

Let us look at Holiness in the ‘reward stage’; the striving for it is over.  The difficulties and obstacles that manifested themselves, causing and forcing us at times to use great strength in self-control and self-discipline, are past.  We are faced now with no need to worry about all the human aspects of such a beautiful state of life.  If we truly see Holiness as being close to God, we would realize we could not possibly be worried about confusion in such a state of purity.  We would have reached a state of total communion with God that nothing or no one earthly can equal to or be strong enough to draw us away from.

It is God’s Will for us that we use what we are and use what we have to become a Saint.  This is the form of Holiness that God reserves for each one of us.  It is available; all we have to do is work for it.

We work for monetary means and measures.  We work for acclaim.  We work to help others when we work for them.  It is so simple.  Holiness is reward for our dedication and commitment to God for the benefit of our own Soul.  Holiness is not impossible.  God does not ask us to do the impossible.

Men make resolutions, promises, vows, commitments.  How many men put all these things in their prayers to God, in their actions every day of their lives, to one day have ‘Holiness’?”

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