ON JANUARY 5, 1981


“DIVINE AUTHORITY:  the ultimate of command and demand upon us, for it is without question that God must be obeyed in every facet of our life.  We must never question His Supreme Being or His Divine Authority.  It is shown to us through the Ten Commandments and the History He left for us through other men, our Faith in a Supreme Being.

DIVINE AUTHORITY is constantly present in our lives.  We cannot deny It.  We cannot disobey It, we cannot refuse It, we cannot ignore It.  We cannot feel that It will one day no longer be.  It is not temporary.  Divine Authority is the Basis for all life, all creation, all that exists and will exist.  Divine Authority is God’s Will, Control over all things.

CIVIL AUTHORITY:  Civil Authority is based on the Ten Commandments whether Civil Authority recognizes it as such or not.  Good, evil — right, wrong — truth, untruth — justice, injustice, should be the foundation for all Civil Authority.  Needless to say, all things pertaining to man, man’s actions, man’s motives, man’s thinking, decisions that arrive from man’s will, are based upon what man is aware of through the Divine Authority he innately knows exists.

PARENTAL AUTHORITY:  Parental Authority begins at the moment of conception.  This Authority cannot be ignored or dismissed.  It is handed down by God Himself, and with this Authority much responsibility ensues.  This relationship between child and parent must be based on sound thinking, sound action, sound intention, sound protection, sound intelligent direction.

CHURCH AUTHORITY has an obligation to man because Church Authority is bound by a responsibility to God for the Faith man must have developed in learning about God and what God wants of man.  Such an obligation bears a tremendous amount of attention, consideration, direction, concern, charity, time, and of course, truth at all times.

CORPORATE AUTHORITY has its place in the world.  It has for its goal the intention of the corporation to achieve success mostly through monetary measures, using exchange of monetary measures for the benefit of all concerned.

There are very few Corporate Authorities who are more interested in the welfare of man in total charitable actions, free of a monetary exchange of some kind.  Corporate Authority has legal responsibilities to those who are involved, and it is governed by Civil Authority for the protection of man.

MANAGEMENT AUTHORITY deals with the administrative control of given areas of man’s involvement in all kinds of work areas, charitable entities, social groups, religious and educational endeavors, practices and institutions.

Now that we have spoken of Authority, we should speak of Responsibility.  In His very Authority, God acts with great Responsibility and shows great Responsibility in His very Balance of all creation.  Civil Authority should be based on justice, and it is up to man to uphold this necessary justice so that Civil Authority bears its Responsibilities for the good of all mankind.

Parental Authority has grave Responsibility, for it is personally involved with human life through the act of procreation in unity with God’s Will.  Responsibility in this category should have a most exacting communication because all other Authorities are reflected in this one union of Authority and Responsibility.

Church Responsibility is a major portion of man’s training, man’s Faith, man’s beliefs, man’s love for God and in God.  Church Responsibility stretches out into every thought, every act, every measure of charitable action that encourages man to love God above all other things.”

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