ON JANUARY 6, 1981


“How do you feel about a substitute?  Why do you accept a substitute?  What makes a substitute reasonable? ‘A substitute what?’ you say.  A substitute doctrine, a substitute Faith, a substitute reasoning, a manufactured ideology, a manufactured purpose, a manufactured description, a manufactured formula, a manufactured interpretation, diminishing the value of the real thing.

A substitute diamond can never come up to the value of a real diamond, so why do men accept a substitute Faith when they know that Holy Mother Church is the One True Faith and Christ Himself instituted this form of religion as His Church?  With such an obvious Truth, why do, and how can, men accept a substitute religion or a manufactured facsimile of what is Pure Truth?

If you had a very expensive diamond, it would be logical to insure it and it would be logical to safeguard it.  It would be ridiculous to trade it for a substitute so you would not have to be bothered with the responsibility of it.  So it is with our Faith in God, a substitute cannot be acceptable.

Today, let us begin to see the ‘extraordinary value’ of being a Roman Catholic, the ‘tremendous responsibility’ of being a Roman Catholic, and of course, the ‘exceptional obligation’ we have to uphold the value of it, the truth of it, the responsibility of it, the dignity of it, and the purpose of it.”

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