ON JANUARY 7, 1981


“Repetition has a tremendous impact on our lives, because it emphasizes attention and it is instrumental in the instilling of what is needed to accomplish what the repetition is a part of.

Repetition is a ‘great teacher’.  It forces the information, ideas or facts to be instilled for more understanding of them, more knowledge regarding the reason or purpose they are spoken of, and repetition forms a firm confirmation of the subject matter.

Repetition is important in everyone’s life.  It is how we learn so many subjects.  It is what makes the subjects important to us, and workable for us in so many areas.

Repetition is the basis for learning, remembering, and usefulness of the subject matter.

Repetition is not only important for the physical means and monetary matters, but it plays a great part in our Spiritual growth.  It is the repetition of learning what our Faith in God should be, should consist of, should develop into, should result in; it is the repetition of hearing what God wants, that encourages our Faith to grow.

When a directive for the benefit of the Soul is repeated again and again, be thankful for the repetition, for each time it is spoken or written, or taught in some manner, more of it will be instilled, and of course, penetrate the mind to be available when it is needed.

Thank God for man’s patience to be repetitive, and thank God for His Charity in His Repetition of things.”

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