ON JANUARY 9, 1981


“How do I go about making the changes necessary to follow God’s Will for me?

1.  Recognize the lack in yourself of time you spend with God, either working for Him or praying to Him.

2.  Don’t over-rationalize your responsibilities to work for pay, to have time with your family, to have time to relax, to give time to doing the necessities of fixing things or emphasizing how much time you spend on the road to and from work, home, stores, and whatever you are involved in.  If you feel your life is so full of duty, bear in mind your first duty is to God.

You have overlooked the most important involvement with Him, and that is, no matter what you do, offer it to Him.  Make it a habit to have mental communication with Him, responding to your own need, for remember He has no need.  Be totally aware that pure thoughts, pure actions are what He wants from you.  With this in mind, you will find you are living His Plan.”

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