ON JANUARY 12, 1981


“As God is All Things and as all things are created from Him through His being ‘The Sole Supreme Being’, and man having the distinct privilege of being created to God’s Image and Likeness, it was God’s Will to hand man the privilege, responsibility and pattern of procreation so that man would carry on what God had begun for the ultimate purpose of using man, to give Him Saints.

He patterned procreation to His Image and Likeness, proclaiming that through the intimacy of life prescribed by Him, designed by Him, it would give man the ability to act in union with Him for the Ultimate Creation of His, man.

Intimacy is a delicate subject, and because of its tremendous importance to our life, satan diminishes the relationship in every way he can, every time he can, degrading this relationship to animal stature.  Any impure action in the privilege of procreation permits God’s enemy to scoff at God, because we must always remember, satan cannot and does not have any power of creation.

In Sodom and Gomorrah, it was the existence of promiscuous intimacy that was one of the most terrible sins against God, the misuse of the body, the mind, and the Soul.

Our Soul is the Ultimate Gift from God that joins God to us in all things, and because It is God’s, it is His Will that we return this Soul to Him in a Higher State of Being, as a Saint in His Heavenly Court, to serve Him as He Wills it to be for All Eternity.”

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