ON JANUARY 30, 1981


“Modesty is not just for the innocent.  Modesty is for the wise.  Modesty is dignity.  It is consideration for one’s self and for everyone else.  Modesty says decency is the criteria, and the ‘code of ethics’ by which you should live.

Your Modesty says to others you have high standards, high values, you can be trusted, knowing you is a valuable relationship, for they instinctively know they will not be jeopardized in any way by your company, by your friendship, by your association.  Your Modesty brings out the good in others.  People are comfortable with Modesty.  They do not always declare its effect on them, but it shows in their speech, their attitude, their performance, their return of social grace, their relaxed manners.

Modesty of dress, of speech, of attitude, of concern, of performance, places hope where there is little hope.  Modesty has a tremendous effect on everyone whom it touches.

Respect for Modesty is obvious, and this respect shouts a valuable ‘trust’ that immodesty never encourages or develops.”

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