ON JANUARY 30, 1981


“Physical or mental or emotional diseases affect a human being in so many ways, sometimes disturbing the balance of hope, of happiness, and eliminate any feeling of well-being.  Many times such diseases squelch the desire to do things, to accomplish certain things, or to be successful in work, or in dealings with others.  They create a negative feeling in every aspect of life.

We talk little about ‘Spiritual disease’ and yet there is more of this in the world than any other disease.  Spiritual disease is an affliction created by our own will, encouraged by our own lack of self-control and lack of self-discipline, triggered by a developed acceptance of impurities.

This ‘disease’ has a tremendous effect on the mental and the physical and emotional portions of our life, but when ‘Spiritual disease’ becomes overpowering and rampant in all our thoughts, words, deeds and actions, its stench travels and touches everyone we come in contact with.  It is the most ‘contagious disease’ man can have.

Sometimes someone who is so morally decayed feels they have a small intention or a tinge of desire to change.  Let’s look at this realistically.  It is not their morally sick mind or their morally sick body that encourages this change; it is the ‘cry of their Soul’, pleading for a chance to regain a Pure State of Being.  It is the Soul that never gives up, but Who is the Victim of all wrongdoing.  It is the Soul of a spiritually diseased person that looks like a leper in the Eyes of God.

What does your Soul look like right this minute?

Is your Soul in such a condition you would be proud if you would hand It to God now?

Would your Soul be a Part of you that you would want the whole world to see?

Could you look into your Soul’s Eyes with dignity?”

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