ON JANUARY 30, 1981


“Don’t tempt temptation, it is like playing Russian Roulette.  Where there are danger signals, obvious or subtle, inviting impure thoughts, words, deeds, or actions, it is not always a red flag that goes up but an innate awareness alerting you it is totally wrong to partake in what is offered.

Man has a way of thinking this is only his mind telling him this, and that he has the right to decide what is best for him.  It is more than the mind, it is the Soul fearing the hurt of the act or action, not wanting to be blemished through a purely selfish, foolish whim or desire of the flesh.

So many people say, ‘It is difficult to run away from temptation, it’s always there.’ This is why man must learn to have self-control and self-discipline.  Temptation would be easy to reject if each man would use as ‘Guidelines for decisions’, the Ten Commandments.

Nothing handed to us by God has little or no reason or little or no purpose to it.  God is All Balance and this Balance penetrates and radiates through our physical, our mental, our emotional, and our Spiritual life.

To tempt temptation to occur involves many things, and in the acceptance of the impure act or actions, the Soul becomes scarred, shamed and delayed in being reunited with God.  What a responsibility each man bears!

The next time you decide to sin or even ‘tempt temptation’, remember, you are playing Russian Roulette with your Soul’s Eternal Life.”

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