ON JANUARY 30, 1981


“Who decided the age of reason?  Man, of course.  Who decided a child should not be corrected at two years old?  Man, of course.

By no means does this mean there should be capital punishment or severe manhandling, but it does mean we must not ignore the willfulness of a child of this age.  It does mean that adults must take the time to correct, to be patient, be example, and not dismiss parental guidance because it is tiring and boring.

When two people get married, it is for the beautiful and purposeful intention God declared marriage to be:  to act with Him in the privilege of procreation, and to carry on the responsibilities connected to this privilege, to form a family unit in imitation of The Holy Family for the Purpose of each one’s Soul to return to God for All Eternity as a Saint in Heaven.

Through time there have been many generations of men who have degraded this beautiful privilege of life.  Then a time comes and a Ray of Light shines through, showing that people have become more balanced in their thinking, more balanced in their emotions, and a higher level of standards and values are seen.

Right now, we live in a time worse than Sodom and Gomorrah, and it is evident in every age level.  It is not too late to turn things around, because God never took His Ten Commandments away from us, and we have ‘Holy Communion with God’ available to us.  We have the strength and stability of Holy Mother Church that exists in spite of man’s desecrations, disturbed attitudes, and lack of decency to uphold what God intended His Church to be as the model for all mankind.

First, a change must occur within each man and NOW.  The change must be a mental, a physical and a Spiritual change of values and standards, casting out the immoral acceptances of men’s intention of making immorality the so-called ‘norm’ of things.

A certain age does not mean reason.  Sometimes age lacks reason, and suffocates reason with permissive desires and promiscuities.  There is no better time than now to look at not just the age of each individual, but what each individual does that is Godlike and can be seen as the type of example God wants man to be.”

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