ON JANUARY 30, 1981


“What type of Roman Catholic are you?  This is an important question.  Are you the type who accepts distraction in church, and who accepts the new relaxed casual atmosphere?  Do you willingly or eagerly accept the interruption by the outburst of communication with other people at the ‘Sign of Peace’ time?

Now, would you go to someone else’s house and suddenly burst into a demonstrative salute of noticing everyone except the host or hostess?  What would happen to your host or hostess at this time?  What effect would it have on them if suddenly you became a distraction in their home during a very solemn meeting, conference or important ceremony?

It is good to express to other people our sincere desire for them to be content, to be peaceful, and let them know that we are concerned for their welfare, but there is a time and place for wishing each other well.  It is good sense to do it when it can be followed up with sincere thoughts, sincere thinking, and at a time when it does not disturb the host or hostess.

There can be no real sincerity in breaking loose in the middle of such an important time with God, to express in some ways, a half-hearted wish to a stranger.

In God’s House, He must be the Sole Attention.  We must remember that this special time in God’s House is for the benefit of our Soul.  The moment we enter God’s House our Soul does Magnify the Lord.  The very Presence of Their Communion with Each Other in God’s House gives Strength to our Soul, gives Hope to our Soul, gives Enlightenment to our Soul, gives Divine Love to our Soul.

Our Soul, in the presence of The Tabernacle, lays prostrate the whole time, and our foolish antics disturb the peace, the tranquillity, the honor, the dignity, the respect, that our Soul is held, while deep in the Presence of God Himself.  Is there not some way we can get this across to the men in the Church?

Our Soul leaves His Presence when we leave the church.  Even though our Soul is in constant union with God, the time we spend before The Blessed Sacrament is a special time to our Soul, for our Soul, at these times, is in a deeper, more physical Communion with God than we can understand.  Who are we to deprive our Soul of this special time with God?  While we are turning around, seeing what is going on, seeing who is there, looking at the clock, watching the ceremony, our Soul is gathering Grace for us, our Soul is honoring Him in our name, our Soul does not want to leave.

We must be ever conscious, constantly aware, and consistent in our visits to The Blessed Sacrament, for they are more strength-giving than we can comprehend or understand.  When we deprive our Soul of these times, we deprive ourselves of Grace, of Spiritual strength.

It is important that, at this time in our life, These Words we have just read imprint Themselves in our minds so we will never forget the beauty and the value of our time in ‘God’s House’, at Holy Mass, at special ceremonies in His Honor, or a visit with Him.”

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