“This time of remembering The Sacrifice of God Himself for the good of mankind must always remain in man’s mind and man’s actions.  A time must be set aside to review one’s life, keeping in mind that the Purpose of life is to return one’s Soul to God.  This Lent should be made special, based on the direct Teaching of God and His Saints through The Miracle Of Saint Joseph.

So many people are not using Lent for the full purpose it should be used and that is to prepare the Soul to be in a State of Grace and become pure through reparation in acts of self-denial and penance.  Self-denial and penance are not that horrible to endure or perform when the intention is for the benefit of the Soul.

Anything we do for the good of our Soul, no matter how much trouble, effort or work it involves, pays tremendous dividends.  We must see these dividends as Graces from God for the benefit of our Soul.

This Lent should not pass in an ordinary way.  It should not hold just the ceremonies prescribed by certain men in Holy Mother Church.  We should each make the extra effort to go above and beyond what men say is a form of passing through Lent, that will benefit the Soul.

If walking through life and making amends for our impurities in such a general form is adequate for the benefit of our Souls, how come some men and women become Great Saints, and others we never hear of?  Did not the ones who performed beyond the normal degrees of sacrifice, penance, work, standards, truths, beliefs, become recognized for what they did?  We all like to believe that our loved ones are Saints, but we must begin to see ourselves as working to become a Saint, not just to have the hopes of being a Saint, but working at this in every thought, word, deed and action we make, we have, we do, we are involved in and with.

It is so ridiculous for us to accept less when God offers the Ultimate for us and to us.  He does not distinguish one man from the other and say, ‘Now only you, and you, and you, will become a Saint.’ He would be showing partiality.  This is not His Way.  He is a Just God.  He is a Merciful God.  He is a Loving God.  He is a God of Great Wisdom.

There is not one of us here who cannot one day become a Great Saint.”

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