“CARELESSNESS IS THE FORERUNNER OF MANY SINS.  It oftentimes eliminates responsibility, dignity, protocol, respect, and takes things for granted, takes people for granted, takes things out of order, allows permissiveness, and always indicates a lack of pride in one’s privileges.  It diminishes relationships, it causes arguments, for it can involve untidiness, uncleanliness, offensive personal hygiene or offensive personal habits.  Carelessness in speech allows crudeness, vulgarity, impudence, and lacks respect.

When one is careless about his or her Faith in God, it sometimes permits substitutes for God, as God.  It promotes unsound logic, unsound reasoning, unsound values, unsound standards, in religious beliefs.

Carelessness creates a lackadaisical manner, omitting strength and stability.  Carelessness in thinking can justify many sins against all of The Commandments.  We must learn that carelessness affects our lives in many ways, and our carelessness can affect the lives of many other people in many ways.

If you have the tendency to be careless, correct it, first, by being more considerate where you lack the tendency to do things correctly.  Then, if you have the tendency to be slipshod in your appearance, or relationship with others, make the effort it takes to be neat, well-groomed, and considerate to others.

It is not impossible to refrain from carelessness.  It is more possible to correct it, to control it, to eliminate it.  There are many ways to be careless.  Ask yourself if any of these are habits of yours:

Careless in accepting slovenly personal habits,

Careless in personal hygiene,

Careless in being untidy in personal appearance,

Careless in permitting uncouth personal manners,

Careless in unkept personal grooming,

Careless in allowing an inconsiderate slipshod attitude,

Careless to the point of being insensitive and indifferent in your attitude,

Careless to the point of rudeness, being offensive in your attitude,

Careless with a raucous behavior,

Careless in an improper attitude,

Careless in a bold aggressive approach,

Careless and insensitive through a lack of tact,

Careless because you are always tardy,

Careless in not acting your age,

Careless in your communication with others,

Careless in your responsibilities,

Careless and irresponsible, ignoring your duties,

Careless about listening to others’ problems,

Careless in ignoring others’ hurts,

Careless in belittling others’ ambitions,

Careless in the misuse of others’ properties,

Careless, using foul language because you are too lazy to use the correct words,

Careless and abusive in the downing of others,

Careless and abusive in criticism of others.

Care means to be cautious, considerate, sensitive, and concerned.  Carelessness is negativism.  Carelessness says, ‘I don’t care.’ Carelessness is boring, irritating and discouraging.  There is no initiative in carelessness, no motivation.  It lacks character, and it is an obnoxious situation to be a party to or the recipient of!!!

Think about this.  Then if you have the courage to recognize your carelessness in any way, have the courage to correct it.”

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