“God is a Mystery, there is no question about this.  God’s Love for man showed Itself when He took Portions of Himself and placed Them in Human Form, teaching through Example the dignity of life as a human being and the Purpose of life as a human being, and that the actions, the necessities, the fears, the hopes of man must be accepted as Divine Plan and never be omitted from man’s moral ethics, man’s manner of life, man’s actions in life, man’s Purpose in life.

When He placed Three Portions of Himself upon the earth, He did it for many reasons, and He did not overwhelm the world with the Magnitude of Their physical beauty.  He did not put Them in such a righteous way of life that They were untouchable.  He did not put Them above all other human beings in royalty and positions of power.  He put Them in a form of life, a way of life, a degree of life comparable to how the masses of human beings would live, subject to authority, standing up for Their beliefs of Truth, and the resignation of Their Wills to Divine Will.

He showed through Their Family Life that They were the Providers, the Protectors and the Unity of Family Strength.  He did not have Them so powerfully strong that They did not have sickness.  He did not put Them in such a way that They did not have to eat, They did not have to dress, They did not have to be clean, They did not have to drink water.  He made all things They did Example to us and for us.

The Mystery of God remained, but the Love of God for mankind came to the earth to prepare man, to advise man, to teach man, to direct man, and to be Example for man, for Eternal Life.

The Ultimate Blessing, bestowed upon man through the ‘very presence’ of The Holy Family upon the earth, is beyond man’s ability to comprehend such Divine Love.  Only the Wisdom of God could have made things look so natural and yet so meaningful, and leave such an Indelible Mark for two thousand years.

What has happened to man’s reasoning, to fall into such immoralities, indecencies, impurities, when man has for his Example, his Guidelines, his Guardians, Three Parts of God, Three Portions of God, Three Deliberate Acts of Love of God Himself?

As Saint Joseph established Holy Mother Church, and Our Blessed Mother was and is The Tabernacle of Holy Mother Church, She remains as The Container in Holy Mother Church, as The Tabernacle in which Our Lord, Who instituted Holy Mother Church, is held.

The Holy Family, through becoming Man, left for mankind, God in a physical form, a Communion of Personal Union through The Sacrament of Holy Communion.  This Gift of Divine Love was His Ultimate Compassion for mankind.”

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