ON FEBRUARY 10, 1981


“Let’s prepare for Holy Mass properly.  This does not mean we have to kneel down and go through a formal exercise of prayers, promises and ceremony.  Preparing for Holy Mass should become a part of our thinking, our attitude, our intentions, and it should become a habit.

Preparing for Holy Mass is a very personal thing to each of us.  It must be done concentrating on our own actions, thoughts and deeds, considering our present state of Grace, recognizing the privilege God has allowed us through Holy Mother Church, where we go to be in the Physical Presence of God in The Tabernacle, and to be united with Him through Holy Communion.

FIRST, we should ask ourselves, since our last attendance at Mass, in what way did we act impurely?

Could we have made another decision, and why didn’t we?

Were we unjust to anyone?

Were we unkind in thoughts, words, deeds or actions?  If so, why?

Have we made any changes to correct our faults?

SECOND, what example have we been to others at work, at school, at the store, in public places, at home?

THIRD, a sincere Act of Contrition should be made with a promise to God to correct our faults.

Preparing for Holy Mass is strength giving and has tremendous purpose to it, for its very intention is to show care because of Whom we are going to stand before, Who we are going to be in the Physical Presence of, and what His Goal is for us as a human being.

Without ‘preparation’ for Holy Mass, without this realization of our responsibility in attending Holy Mass, how can we take for granted His Ultimate Gift of Love — Holy Communion with Him.”

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