ON FEBRUARY 13, 1981


“Popes, Royalty, Generals, Cardinals, are no exception to human strifes, human hurts, or the human responsibility of becoming a Saint.  Nor does their position in life guarantee them Sainthood, for there is a tremendous responsibility when one is performing in tasks that govern moral issues where mankind is concerned.

A title, a position, handed down through heritage carries much weight, much authority, but always great responsibility.  People who bear titles do not always see the total impact of their decisions on the masses of people who are subject to them.  This is sad.  Authority is good when it has soundness, is ethical, and is balanced.

A man’s success has many areas, avenues, and dimensions.  Success is good when it is for the good of mankind and is based on sound ethics, sound logic, sound values and sound standards.

If you are striving for success, be sure you have the ingredients that are pleasing to God and will be beneficial to your Soul.”

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