ON FEBRUARY 13, 1981

“Some questions that might help you begin to develop a daily examination of personal behavior, and consequently correct any faults you might have that cause a blemish or scar on your Soul.

1.  Was I considerate or do I owe an apology to someone for my behavior?

2.  Was I good example to everyone I came in contact with?

3.  Was I charitable when I saw the need?

4.  Did I gripe unjustly?

5.  Did I act selfishly?

6.  Did I have an impure thought or intention?

7.  Did I take something that belonged to someone else?

8.  Did I use abusive language?

9.  Did I forget to talk to God today?

10.  Did I lie to someone?

11.  Did I cheat my spouse of anything?

12.  Did I instigate an argument, causing unhappiness to anyone?

13.  Did I shirk my responsibility?

14.  Was I disloyal to a loved one or anyone else?

15.  Was I fair today?”

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