ON FEBRUARY 13, 1981


“Each decade of time has its extremes of changes.  Some of these changes are not too meaningful, some change the course of History.  Some change the dress codes of men and women.  Some form new methods of doing things with new inventions that aid accomplishing the necessities of life with more ease.  The amount of changes in each decade are numerous.

The one change that affects the lives of all human beings is encompassed by the overall change in morality, values and standards men accept, men adopt, men become a part of.

All through History, men have abused, misused, and corrupted moral values and standards, but there have been times this terrible desecration was more abominable in effect than other times.

Immorality does not happen overnight.  It does not happen in a few hours.  It can be compared to a greasy, oily substance that is fluid in some respects, and will permanently stain or destroy whatever it touches.

Let us take five hypothetical barrels containing an unknown source and capacity for each of them, of this ugly substance, immorality.  Wise men would constantly protect these containers from being tampered with because the substance would be deadly once it was released.  Intelligent human beings fear the possibility of such a disaster, but many times men ignore the possibilities and stand right in the center of danger, letting it be absorbed, thinking they have the strength to ignore it, to fight it, to resist it.  The very atmosphere, air we live in now shouts men have accepted an immoral way of life.

Once the moral ethics, codes, values and/or standards are diminished or demoralized, it is like a rocket in the sky shouting:  Watch out, danger lurks, death waits — physical death, moral death.

To be associated with anything pornographic would be not just difficult but deadly, because it would be like a poisonous, indelible, oily, penetrating substance that would cling even if you don’t want it to.  It would suffocate pure beauty, healthy thinking, shoot poison into a sound moral way of life.

Drugs have a way of making drugs interesting, necessary, comforting, reliable, an escape means, and habit forming.  Drugs are enticement when man feels the need, whether the need be real, self-inflicted or mentally glamorized.

Instead of people recognizing responsibility and holding to the dignity, the ethics and the strength in responsibility of one’s actions, one’s involvements, many try to take the escape route, the easy way out of their immoral activities.  Drugs blind reality, and yet force a devastating reality when they become a habit, a satisfaction to desensitize normal reality.

The first thing that comes to many people’s minds is get rid of the baby, get an abortion.  All the dangers of the abortion seem minor in comparison to the tragedy they feel, of the responsibility they have allowed to happen through their own lack of self-discipline and lack of self-control.  Repercussions from this violent act of abortion are numerous.  The abortion does not correct anything, it destroys a life and it weakens mentally, physically, emotionally and spiritually, those involved.

Immorality covers many stages of man’s life:  permissiveness, promiscuous acts, acceptance of unclean, impure involvements, thoughts, actions, deeds, associations, activities, that cause degeneration to the mind, the body, the nervous system, the values, the standards, the interests, the motivations, the integrity, the dignity, of a sound, healthy, happy, human existence.

Immorality kills the spirit, the hope, the drive, the capabilities, the interests, the soundness.  It debilitates human energies and makes those who are involved in it subject to crime, to deeper immoralities, to basic animal instincts, excluding the dignity of being a man.  Immorality, when it is rampant, is submissiveness without question, or without human respect.

The devil enjoys man’s immorality, for it creates depths of despair, depression, and makes man vulnerable to more corruptness, more vile acts against God.

We now live in a time worse than Sodom and Gomorrah.  It is a time of disgrace and ugly immorality. Satanism is not a thing that other people had to endure or were the victims of; it is now prevalent throughout the world. Satanism feeds on the weaknesses of man, the immoralities that glue themselves to man’s everyday living, everyday involvements, everyday acceptances of all that is available to occupy one’s self with. Satanism is a PORTION OF HELL that does not show its total ugliness until the trap the devil sets is so secure that struggling, or promises, or good intentions, cannot release you from it.  It is too late.

Watch out who you are with, where you go, what you do, how you talk.  You are Your Line of Decision that will be seen, that will be heard, that will respond with a solid ‘No’ to any invitation to ease up and/or take a chance, be it with thought, request or invitation from anyone, anything, anywhere, at any time, any year of your life.”

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