ON FEBRUARY 16, 1981


“Disappointments in life due to family, friends, environment, circumstances, a lack of opportunity to perform in a way that one would like to, and of course, personal unhappiness and disappointments about one’s own looks, appearance, popularity or financial status, can be resolved and there are solutions.

Disappointments should never govern one’s life because many times they are triggered by petty issues, small insecurities, vague statements, indiscretion on someone’s part, opinion, and a lack of understanding sometimes due to an unrelated situation or idea.

Disappointments should be temporary times in life for they are always conquerable when one has the will to have a healthy attitude, perspective, and a healthy outlook on life.  It is sad to see some people allow disappointments to drag them down into the depths of despair or even morbidity.

Disappointments have their good side, for they can bring out the strength, the stability, the real will of a human being.  A man’s will can conquer disappointments.  A man’s will has the ability to make good things happen in spite of all the negatives, all the sick opinions, all the unhealthy injections by anyone else, from anyone else, with anyone else.

Disappointments indicate a negative situation, but our will has the ability to conquer, to restore, to cause or create soundness, goodness, a healthy situation.”

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