“Dear God,

I have come to a decision.  I know if I continue on in the way I think, in the action I take, and in the lack of humility I express in Your Name, in Your Way, and to my fellowman, I will not attain the Goal You have asked me to seek.

I know that there will be many times I will find it easier to delay, to procrastinate, or to favor the wrong way, but I plead with You and I beseech You to never allow me to stray.

As I make this decision to do Your Will in every way, I make it with a firm commitment to better understand The Rules, The Commandments You gave.  I will try never to ignore the content of Them, the meaning of Them, or the Direction for which They were given to man.  I also would like to add to this my promise to work at becoming a better man.

Up to this time, I have never felt it truly necessary to put into print what I know is best for me, for my Soul in the way of man, but now that I see it as it is meant to be, I feel a strength in it, I feel a hope in it, and I see the necessity.  I want You to know that I am sincere and that I truly fear what Judgment You would have to make for me if I were to walk impurely the time in which I live.  I want You to know that I understand the life You have given me is but a mere taste of the Life that awaits me when I no longer walk the world as man.

To close this without saying, ‘I love You, God; thank You for making me a man,’ would leave this letter to You unfinished, for it expresses to You how I feel, what I want You to know, and of course, my love for You is the strength I will use to accomplish Your Plan.


Your son


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