ON MARCH 1, 1981


“It is constantly being said, ‘Seminaries are closing down.’ Reasons are given for this sad state of affairs but they cannot be termed reasonable or logical reasons.  The absence of seminaries is a tragedy, a disaster for all of mankind.  Such a happening, such an occurrence, such a void, permits a lack of direction to all people, a lack of stimulation and a lack of motivation to grow spiritually during such a terrible strike against Spiritual Faith in God.  It is comparable to a famine, where there is no hope for life.

What really caused so many young men and older men to avoid the Priesthood?  What caused so many to feel a lack of desire to serve God through the Priesthood?

We cannot blame the young, and we must revive this tremendously beautiful, important vocation of life.  We must begin to support it, to encourage it, to nurture it, to expect it.  Seminaries must begin to open their doors with a new enthusiasm, with sound values, sound standards, sound truths, projecting a feeling of interest and dignity, aspiring to and inspiring the beauty of serving God.

The new directors and new authorities in these seminaries must be men of sound body, mind and Soul, willing and able to take their Oath of Allegiance to God seriously, permanently.

Where do we start?

First — By applying more ceremony to our ceremonies, and eliminate the dangerous, humanistic participation that allows confusion and disorder.

Second — Example to the young through piety, dignity in prayer, and example of a proper dress code that bears all the marks of modesty, care, and deliberate protocol.

Third — Silence in the House of God with all the attention on Him would most certainly help prepare the mind, body and Soul, to accepting The Supreme Being God Is and the worthwhileness of concentrating on Him with little distraction distracting one from Him.

Fourth — Learning all the valuable things about one’s Faith in God.  Being knowledgeable but not superior.  Learning charity in all phases of charity.  Learning to share the responsibility of the importance of Faith in God with every living human being.

Fifth — Eliminating brainwashing and encouraging the free will of every individual to think for themselves with the stability of the foundation to support the truth they must face and one day transmit to others.

Sixth — Never to be eliminated are the visible signs that will help to instruct, direct or motivate the individual’s desire to please God more.



Emphasis on a Crucifix in the home, office, factory

Medals bearing the Important Messages to constantly remind man of Specific Directions and Supernatural Visions God favored man with.

It is nonsense when seminary doors close.  It was the instability, the lack of dignity and the lack of Faith that closed these doors.  Let us now begin to open these doors one by one, two by two, three by three, and so on, and so on, and so on.  The world will be a better place.  The people will become more Godlike, God-oriented, and God-conscious.

Today is the first day of a new beginning and you are one of the important cornerstones of a seminary opening its doors.”

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