ON MARCH 2, 1981


“It is taken for granted that the opposite of God is satan, the opposite of good is evil.  These words bear much weight and must never be treated lightly.

It goes without saying, it is innate in man to know that where God is, there is All Good, All Purity, All Beauty, All Wisdom.  Evil walks hand in hand with satan, and it is obvious that when something is evil, the lowliest form of being is involved, plus nothing has clarity or purity.  The very presence emits deceit, cunningness, cruelty, sadistic behavior.

Too few people care to recognize the ugliness, the horror, the total devastation that evil involves, is involved with and brings to many situations where evil is present.  Many times men foolishly laugh at the presence of evil, or the thought of the presence of evil.  The same man might stub his toe and cry like a baby, cut his finger and panic, have a tooth pulled and become totally disoriented and frightened.

When people find themselves intrigued, attracted, or curious about witchcraft, it is too bad a bell or an alarm does not shake them into reality.  There are so many dangers to witchcraft, to the mind, the body and the Soul of those who delve into it, practice it, or condone it.  It is ritualistic in a destructive way.  It is ugly in its very essence.  It is impure in its groundwork, its foundation, and it is totally opposite of All that God Is.

Witchcraft is prevalent throughout the world today.  It destroys so many areas of men’s Gifts from God.  It destroys beauty, it causes permissiveness, and always instills a lack of honor among men.  It promotes disrespect of and to the mind, the body and the Soul, and it encourages every form of sin possible for and to man against the Ten Commandments.

Evil dwells in the dark.  It encourages perversion, pornography, making men and women feel a lust for evil, not just sensuality.  Witchcraft, in many ways, is being demonstrated through men’s imaginations, encouraging all ages of people to become involved, to be intrigued, to be frightened, to be encouraged to research it.  Evil is being projected for men to better understand it, for men to recognize the vulnerability it reaches out to, and yet the inescapable attraction to seek it out, to be curious as to what is happening, and to some degree write about it, and use people to perform in acting ways demonstrating it to its fullest.  It is satan’s way of getting man’s attention, putting evil before man constantly, and in so many ways.

Those who practice witchcraft are working with the devil himself, and they are most certainly not interesting people.  They are hopeless people who have succumbed to the evil of Hell, whether they be involved for merely the excitement of it, or the money they gather.

Every home should have Exorcised Holy Water in it, and this Water should be sprayed at least three times during the day in every room, plus the outside of the home should be sprayed with it, and never forget your entrances inside and out.  It is not superstition to do this, it is wise to use all the precautions available against evil.

Every home should have a wooden Crucifix on display either over a door, or in a place where people come and go.

God’s Power is greater than any power in the world, and because of His Greatness, His Charity, His Love for man, He endowed man with a free will, giving man the option, the choice, to make his own decisions.  Along with this, He gave man the Ten Commandments and then Holy Mother Church.  Man has all the artillery he needs to fight evil with good.  It is time man used it to benefit his Soul.”

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