ON MARCH 4, 1981


“Men fear slavery, and yet many men subject themselves to it willingly, without question and without fear.  Slavery is not a word men would use in connection with themselves, but men become slaves through their habits, their weaknesses, their indulgences, their motives, their lack of moral values, their lack of moral standards, their dependence upon what is offered to them rather than their dependence upon their ‘Free Will to Choose’.

Heaven says through The Miracle Of Saint Joseph, ‘You live in a time worse than Sodom and Gomorrah.’ All the evidence of such a way of life surrounds man, but men ignore the reality of their involvement, their environment, and their succumbing to the scars that grow deeper and deeper because of their not walking away from the direct contact, making them vulnerable and victimized.

These words are everywhere, and each word covers a multitude of sins in hundreds of ways:





The Pill


Venereal Disease

Adult Book Stores

Adult Entertainment

Adult Promiscuity

Adult Immoralities

Apartment Sharing

Condo Sharing

House Sharing

Spouse Swapping Parties

Singles Apartments

Horror Movies surrounding satanism

X-rated Entertainment

Justifying abusiveness to man’s mind, body and Soul



These are but a few words that bring to mind everyday living, everyday exposure, every day’s possible involvement.

What happened to morality?

What happened to fearing being condemned to Hell?

What makes immorality acceptable?

What causes men to forget the privilege of human life and ignore their responsibility to God first?

What makes man condone what he innately knows is wrong?

What makes man not stand up and fight the corruptness, the indecencies, the perversion, the terrible threat to the Salvation of Souls?

A Daily Divine Office must be put into practice right now.  A daily consciousness of God’s Will must be accentuated upon, and be uppermost in every man’s mind.  Obedience to the Ten Commandments must never be omitted, and must be a daily practice so that the war against satan can be won BECAUSE GOD SAID IT MUST.  A daily Rosary should never be omitted because of tiredness or something else to do.  Daily visits to The Blessed Sacrament are not that exhausting to partake in.  Daily Mass and Holy Communion should be treated with desire rather than a dread because of the energy it takes.

Of course, slavery is more prevalent throughout the world now, and it is rarely mentioned in the terminology men understand.  Communism is slavery to men.  Of course, there are numerous ways of slavery, and perhaps the time is now for each man to begin to ask himself ‘what he is a slave to’.  Is it something obvious, or is it something not so obvious?

Men shout, ‘I cannot change the world.’ That is true, but the change would have to begin with yourself, and then ‘your example’ would be what would help others have the strength to change.  It is really so simple, and it is nothing more than utilizing the ‘time of day’ to better one’s self, and for the Salvation of one’s Soul.”

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