ON MARCH 5, 1981


“People ‘justify’ their sins, because they have ‘reasons’ why they permit themselves to do things that are not out of the ordinary, but that they are aware of have a slight taint to them, causing them to have imperfections.  They are even aware they are offensive to purity and/or a pure state of being.  They also see that justification does not alter the seriousness of their actions, nor does their justification of their impure actions make things good, truthful, or acceptable to God.

Though justification is a word that seems to make things all right, they must realize and must begin to balance justification with the ‘justice’ of their actions, their thoughts, their words, and their deeds.  In thinking this way, they must see a tremendous void in justification, and a tremendous responsibility in ‘justice’.

Man must begin to see ‘justice’ and stop justifying all offenses against God.  Justifying and justification, many times, bear one ‘excuse’ or several ‘excuses’ that seem to condone but obviously never correct the imperfections in human behavior, in human attitude, in human thinking, in human decisions.

One of the greatest tragedies in the world today is the justification of so many errors.  First, because men are losing sight of God, Who God Is, and what God expects of man.  Secondly, there is a tremendous zeal towards self-satisfaction, self-love, selfishness, self-involvement, self-justification.  Things must change, and all men must begin to not just rationalize their behavior, but omit their irrational thinking, ideas, attitude and behavior.

The Soul is more valuable than the greatest and most expensive gem in the whole world, greater than all the wealth men can achieve, greater than the greatest invention.  And in no way does God say to a few men, ‘Only you can achieve Sainthood.’ The Gates of Heaven are for all men to pass through.  Life Eternal with God is for all men to have, and Sainthood is not a Title for just those who men choose to place in this position, but Sainthood is for all men.

There are no favorites in God’s Eyes, or in God’s Will.  When men say, ‘All men are created equal,’ they are only reiterating what God wants for all men, and how God sees all men.  All men can be Saints.  Why not you?  It is your decision.  It is your will.  It is your destiny.”

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