ON MARCH 16, 1981 AT 5:05 PM

“Let us, you and I, talk about your Soul.  What part does your Soul play in your daily living?  What part does your Soul play in your Spiritual life?

Your Soul is a Portion of God that contains the Light of Faith in you, a Light of Understanding that gives dignity to human beings, the Light of Reason that points to the logic of all things.

Your Soul is in Close Union with The Holy Spirit of God.  It is more than a union of Two Spirits, it is a Portion of God united with Him in all things.

Too few men have ever understood the Soul.  The Soul is the Dispenser of hope, through the Faith in God that each man has, to the degree of Faith each man has.  The Soul is full of Grace and the Soul is the reflection of how a man thinks, acts, and uses the physical, the mental and the Spiritual aims.

The Soul is a Figure of Light.  The Soul radiates Light.  When you think of your Soul, think of Purity, think of God, think of a Supernatural Being as a Portion of you.

At the moment of conception the Soul is evident, for at the moment of life a Soul is placed into the life, to give the life that Portion of God, necessary to record for God, so that the Judgment of God will be Just, according to the state of the Soul that must return to Him at the end of the physical life.  So be it.”

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