ON MARCH 17, 1981 AT 3:47 PM

“Men use the expression ‘Trouble is brewing.’ We Here in the Heavens use the expression ‘Trouble is being allowed,’ because of men not understanding the Purpose of life, the Reason for life, and the Goals intended for human life.

Men say they have become ‘unglued’ because of the problems that ensue.  We Here in the Heavens say, ‘It is difficult to watch the immoralities due to men’s laxness in self-control and self-discipline.’

Men say: ‘I am tired of worrying.  I think it is too late to change.’ We Here in the Heavens say: ‘It is sad that men do not see the advantage of correct decisions when they are made.  It is such a waste of time when men procrastinate and deliberate on wrong things.  The time involved is wasted, and many times so much reparation has to be made.’

There are so many men in the world today who do not see the value of performing acts of charity, acts of honesty, acts of courage the first time around rather than to take chances and be slipshod in their thoughts, words and actions.  Men shout, ‘It is irrelevant.’ We Here in the Heavens say: ‘Do you mean it is not of concern to the results that will take place, or do you not want to perform and you are shouting a word that you think will make the responsibility go away?’

These Words are to help you think.  These Words are All to show you that We Here in the Heavens take every chance We can to encourage you to understand what Rules and Regulations you are not following as God intended.”

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