ON APRIL 1, 1981


“A liar is a very difficult person to be with, for when a person is known to lie, the relationship becomes unstable, weak, undependable, and there is always a fracture in our belief no matter what the subject is.

It goes without saying, a liar is his own worst enemy, because a liar bases thoughts, words, actions and deeds on untruths, which not only dampen a situation, but makes it unworthy to be heard or involved in.

Most people who lie believe their own lies.  This does not make it fact, but in this belief, it justifies to them what they have said.  This justification does not change the lie.

Our society today is based on immorality, in the acceptance of improper, impure actions, thoughts, words and deeds.  Our society is sick because it relies on false standards, false values.  Our society is a society of lies, of desecrations, of blasphemies, of immoralities, of impurities, based on humanism, constantly defacing the necessity of Faith in One True God, and so many people denying there is a Heaven and there is a Hell.

Only God is All Powerful, and all human beings are dependent upon Him.  The structure of the human body is prone to incapacitation and sickness, and men have a limited mental capacity, so how can man justify lies that make important decisions that involve the Soul when he relies totally on humanistic evaluations and values, accepting moral corruption rather than recognizing and following sound moral values and sound moral standards for the good of his mind, his body and his Soul?  Immorality stems from lies.  It all stems from liars who convince themselves first that this is what they believe, and then convince others it is what they should believe.

Ask yourself these questions:

Do I lie easily?

Do I believe my own lies?

Do I lie constantly?

Do I force others through my dominance to believe my lies?

Do I use my lies to control situations?

Do I use my lies to control people?

Do I lie to justify my weaknesses?

Do I lie so others will not see me as I am?

Do I live a lie?

Do I laugh when people lie to me?

Do I lie for attention?

Do I lie to God?

When one looks at the pattern and results of a liar’s path, one cannot help but see a total lack of integrity, a total lack of dignity, a total lack of self-control, a total lack of self-discipline, a total lack of self-esteem, a total lack of understanding, a total lack of sound values, a total lack of sound standards, a total lack of True Faith in God, a total lack of a sound mind.

To confront a liar with his or her faults, it is amazing to watch the defensive tactics of the liar.  Sometimes rather than their recoiling against the attack, they attack with further lies, becoming more offensive, more arrogant, more insolent, appearing positive, always trying to make the other person look stupid, ridiculous, but always defacing the truths, and sometimes even showing a force in a demonic gesture of reproach.

Liars should not be treated gently.  They should be treated at their own game, but with such truthful measures that their defiance breaks itself down against the strength of pure truth.

There are some people who lie incessantly about everything, and do it with such charm, assurance and positiveness that the person on the receiving end does not see the liar for what he or she is.

Let’s put this into its proper perspective.  A lie has barbs in it, and the barbs usually cause a hurt, an injustice, degradation, or desecration to something good.  There is no doubt that it is easier to not confront a liar, but there is also no doubt that a liar has to be stopped somewhere, sometime, somehow.

At this time in our life, for many people, lying has become a way of life.  All the immoralities that people and society accept as normal ways of life are based on humanism rather than on God.

If lies are corrected when they are first recognized, there is little chance for them to grow to a disastrous state of existence, allowing them to be so ingrained in society and people, that people do not recognize what is happening.

‘Live and let live’ got out of context.  It should have been this way:  Live with God in mind at all times so others will follow your example.



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