ON MAY 1, 1981


“The Holy Ghost is a Part of God that He shares with us in many ways.  The Holy Ghost is the Light of God’s Love for mankind.  The Holy Ghost is the Dispenser of Faith in God, and the Coordinator of this Faith according to the time in which we live, the way in which we live, and the heritage that we have received through time and other people; plus, The Holy Ghost, in Wisdom, considers our heritage, environment, and the means and measures available to us in our time of life, so that we have the proper proportion and benefits to do the Will of God for the good of our Soul.

The Holy Ghost is defined by God as the Wind of His Power, and as the Power in a Particular Wind that belongs to God alone, that He shares with man through allowing This Power the freedom to move throughout the world to touch all men in a particular way.

The Holy Ghost is that Portion of God that is in constant union with man to keep man aware of God, of the Importance of God, the Greatness of God, and of course, Who God truly is, a Supreme Being.

It is The Holy Ghost Who, acting through our Faith in God, gives strength and support to our belief in God and encourages us to have more love for God, plus more desire to one day be with God.  The Holy Ghost has the Power to be in all places in the world at one time.

When man thinks of wind, he thinks of it in different degrees, sometimes gentle, sometimes forceful, sometimes almost totally destructive, for wind itself comes in many degrees.  The Wind of The Holy Ghost is never destructive.  It is always constructive because It is that Part of God that gives Foundation to Faith in God, that gives Stability to man’s Faith in God through the Truths where God is concerned.

The Holy Ghost is not a separate Power of God.  It is the Power of God, and that is why it is difficult for some men to believe, to understand, or to accept without seeing, that The Holy Ghost is the unseen Force holding Christianity in its place in spite of all the immoralities, indignities, blasphemies that men allow, partake in, and generate through indecencies and impurities.

The Holy Ghost established Holy Mother Church in its very beginning, which makes The Holy Ghost The One Who established Christianity in a way that men could understand, in a way that men could relate to with human reference, human relationship.

No man would have understood at that time that this Carpenter could be God, or any Portion of God, nor could anyone at that time have believed that this Woman was The Mother of God.  This is most certainly proven when they could not believe that The Son was the Messiah.  Man is so limited in his understanding the Magnitude of God, the Magnitude of God’s Love, and the Magnitude of God’s Sincere Purpose in creating mankind.

The very physical of man is so unique in its structure, in its faculties, in its very performance, that it is sound to believe, sound to understand that this tremendous Creation of God had a Purpose beyond other creations.

The intellect of man, the ability of man to recognize and to speak out about The God that man is aware of, the innate feeling man has of concern for other men’s welfare, says man was created to the Image and Likeness of God.

The Holy Ghost was The Foundation for Holy Mother Church, Our Blessed Mother is The Tabernacle for Holy Mother Church, and The Son of God is The Sacrifice of Love for mankind which was the Greatest Christian Act God could give to mankind, to give Himself for all time so that man could not just respond to Faith in Him, but partake in a Portion of Him that can be described as a Physical Portion, not a symbol.

The devil himself wants man to think that The Holy Eucharist is a symbol, but even in this dastardly hoax of his, he is admitting that God gave man Something Special.  He is a fool, and so many men justify his foolishness by attacking God with impure response to so many things, in so many ways, for so many ridiculous reasons, mostly selfish motives and self-love.

The Holy Ghost is God, a Portion of God that we must never try to rationalize as just a Mystery.  He is more than a Mystery.  There is evidence of Him in every part of human life.  There is evidence of Him in the very presence of Christianity, and there is evidence of Him in Bible History when it speaks the Name of Joseph, the Husband of Mary, and the Father of Jesus.”

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