ON MAY 27, 1981


“There is little understanding in regard to the full importance of the Rosary.  Many people cling to it because holding the Beads makes the prayer feel a bond of true communication with Our Heavenly Mother.  This is good.

There are more important reasons for the Rosary, and of course, they’re obvious in the thoughts of people.  The Holy Rosary is one of the most important prayers to ward off satan.  The prayers in the Holy Rosary say everything he hates to be said.  The prayers say more than is sometimes realized by those who say the Rosary daily.  The continuity of the prayers keeps the enemy, God’s and man’s, out of the picture.

Some people say, ‘I say the Rosary, but I really don’t concentrate on it.’ Some people say, ‘I say the Rosary on my fingers when I don’t have the Beads with me.’ Some people say, ‘I lose count, but it is a habit with me.’ Some people say, ‘I find it difficult to say because it is so long.’ Some people say, ‘My intentions are good, but by the time nighttime comes I’m just too tired.’

Let’s straighten everyone out right now.  The Rosary is a positive, definite form of armor against satan.  It is not only the armor, but it is the best weapon anyone can use.  It is even more than the weapon; it is the driving force that repels all evil.  First, the Crucifix on the Rosary is of the utmost importance.  It depicts how The Son of God freed man.  It also depicts God’s Great Love for man.  It also shows the truth of Christianity.  It also portrays, without a doubt, the Final Consummation that was left with Holy Mother Church, the True Body and Blood of Christ.

This Crucifix also says many things to God’s and man’s enemy.  The prayer in its very essence honors God, tells about God, and commits the one who says it to sound belief in God, Our Heavenly Mother, the Virgin Birth, and all the important issues that the enemy of God and man envies, hates, and fights against.

The next three beads are said with three very important things in mind, and they should be concentrated on, not skimmed over, because the repetitiveness of these three thoughts gives them the importance they should have in everyone’s life:  Faith, Hope, Charity.  In many instances, many people have referred to the Charity as Love, which is right, for Charity is True Love.

The very Mysteries of the Rosary are reflections on important times that satan would hate man to look at, to remember, to reflect upon, because the concentration is on God.

And now we come to the ‘Our Father’.  There can be no greater love than to honor God through the Very Words He gave us Himself.  Needless to say, satan hates These Words.

Now as we begin the ‘Hail Mary’, the repetitiveness of this prayer is a great aid to rejecting satan, and as this prayer should be a continuous prayer in the hearts and the minds and the lips of every human being, it should be understood that satan cannot enter when this prayer is said.

Our Heavenly Mother, God’s Mother, Our Blessed Mother, Our Heavenly Queen, is Purity beyond what we can understand, what we know purity can be, and She has the Power to stomp out evil with a mere thought, and when Her children pay Honor to Her, She protects Her children from the enemy.

The Rosary is a powerful prayer, more powerful than people realize, for it is, in its continuity, in its content, that satan is cast aside and cannot enter.  The power of the Rosary must be seen by all people throughout the world.  It is a shield, it is a weapon, it is the greatest act of prayer man has.  The Rosary is prayer in action, for every prayer in the Holy Rosary speaks of the Importance of God, the Greatness of God, and of course, the Magnitude in which Our Heavenly Mother stands.

A wise man, a wise woman, a wise child would never be without the Rosary.  Say it, keep it on your person, and never go to bed without it under your pillow.  Keep it close, not in a fanatical way, but in a wise way.  Realize the importance of it, and keep it as your armor against satan.”

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