ON MAY 29, 1981


“It is easy to see what is happening.  All one has to do is open one’s eyes, and also listen to what is being said.  The answer to this question is evident, obvious, and in no way is it hidden from anyone.

The question really isn’t ‘What is happening?’ The question is, ‘What is going to be done’ about what is happening?  In every area of life moral values can be said to be the ‘whole core’ of action, motion, motivation, and way of life for all people.

People speak more of morale than morals.  They join in all types of perverted activities, all sorts of compromises, to keep the morale as the goal of their association and their social obligation to and with everyone else, but the moral values and the moral standards are not allowed to interfere with the social, liberal, unorthodox, immoral involvement they feel and accept as their normal obligation to be normal in the time in which we live.

Sound Morals, Sound Values, Sound Standards have been set aside or even buried by the familiarity that people have succumbed to through their perverted actions, their immoral adventures and ventures, tossing the Ten Commandments of God aside, and dwelling totally on humanistic indecencies to the point of morbid pleasures.

Ask a man who has just sinned if he had a good time.  If he says, ‘Yes,’ then ask him what his terminology for ‘good’ is.  You will find a very mixed-up human being, either totally emotional or bordering on total emotional instability.

The solution is obvious, but to get people to see the necessity for things to change is difficult:

The laxness in home life in some cases can be an important factor;

The laxness in school authority allowing immaturity to control rather than the school authority standing taut on all school rules and procedures;

The laxness in businesses permitting familiarity amongst the employees, advocating social involvement and ignoring the responsibilities of the employees to their spouses and to their families;

Social familiarities, looking for new thrills, new excitement, lacking a responsible stand of a mature, sound moral attitude, relationship;

A lack of usefulness regarding sound justice;

People living beyond their means, seeking a status that keeps them totally indebted to others rather than facing the standard of life their financial abilities and capabilities permit.

To correct the wrongs takes sound logic and a sound sense of how God would want things done.  All through time there have been periods in which people lost their sense of reality and relaxed their sound values and sound standards, because of the pressures that obscenities, blasphemies, impurities, immoralities made on the moral values that seemed to be accepted by everyone.  In some of these ugly times, moral decay seemed worse than others.

We are now going through a vile period of moral decay, and it will take a strong sense of the Ten Commandments as the Rules for life, plus more understanding of Who God Is, and why men were born, plus the Purpose of each man’s Soul.  A lot can be done about what is happening; it just takes good people to do it.”

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