ON MAY 30, 1981


“Perhaps this is true.  Have you asked yourself if you know yourself? Then ask yourself, do you want people to see you idealistically or like you are?

What does it mean when people understand you?  Is it because they agree with you, they never confront you, they never put you to task when you are wrong?  Are you sure you are not confused with how you want people to understand you, or are you too weak to see the value in having to account to others for how you act, how you treat them, what example you extend in your moods, in your social graces, in your aggressiveness, in your dominance, in your peculiar manners, in your indifference to how they feel, in your selfish ambitions, in your lack of sensitivity, in your emotionalism, just to name a few?

In gaining the understanding of others, the first thing that you should do is to ask yourself if you understand yourself, and if you like yourself.  Would you put up with yourself if you were on the receiving end of all you are, all you do, and all you expect?  Answer this in solid truth and then correct it in solid, sound, logical ways, and then you will never have to say again, ‘People just don’t understand me.’”

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