ON JUNE 2, 1981


“Why does it seem easier to be the corrector than the corrected?  To be the corrector is not always a comfortable position, and to be the corrector takes tact, understanding, sincerity, knowledge, also to be in a position where it makes the correcting necessary.

The corrector must be sure that the correction isn’t just criticism, or a means to vent one’s emotions, or to satisfy a mood.  The corrected must look at the value of the correction and see the need for the correction.

As we look at the above Statement, we might first think It is a tongue twister and then forget It.  Please look at the above Statement for the worth It is to you, for the value of Its content, and for the help It can give when you are on either side of the fence in that very touchy area of correction.

The Ten Commandments, in many ways, are the correctors of our behavior, our values, our standards, our morals, our beliefs.  They are Commands and They are Rules, but the very essence of Them says correct what you are doing wrong, use the Ten Commandments as the correctors of your faults.  Perhaps this is why fewer and fewer people are holding the Ten Commandments as the Guidelines for life.

We live in a society of false values, and this society does not take to correction very easily, because it has become an insecure, egotistical society that lacks sound values and sound standards, and does not want to be told about it.  So many things are based on illogical, irrational, immoral, lewd, vile attempts at living.

A dignified code of dress, dignity in social manners and in social graces seems to have become unthinkable, and when it is brought up, it is rejected with ridiculous statements.  In fact, dignity seems to be tagged as something that does not belong in today’s society.

Holy Mother Church was the leader in morals, and when the authority of Holy Mother Church tore down the walls that spoke stability, honor, dignity, hope, God’s Love for mankind, and substituted the walls with compromise, illogical changes, diminishing the structure of the Priesthood, opening the doors and letting all types of man-made religions to enter the structure of Holy Mother Church through misinterpretation and false understanding of what Ecumenism truly meant, it had a direct effect on the whole world.  Many men may not agree with this Statement, but results of the vast changes within Holy Mother Church have had a direct influence on many people and many things.

When the men in Holy Mother Church relaxed rules and permitted a lack of dignity in the code of dress, and stressed that certain actions in protocol upon entering the church could be eliminated, plus their ignoring many of the Sacramentals, it put indifference as acceptable and this flowed into some of the Sacraments.

This stretching of acceptable behavior went further than the people could have ever suspected it would.  It opened the doors to many other man-made religions, and naturally, those who were invited came.  Even some who were not invited came, because of the draw to the One True Church that Holy Mother Church definitely had.

We would like to think this is what happened:  The men who interpreted Ecumenism did not foresee the surge of inevitable compromise that would force issues they were unprepared to handle in the true Roman Catholic way.  Due to their inexperience in dealing with this type of compromise, it made their innate feeling of Christianity succumb to the lesser decision.  Thus, the watering down of structure, standards, protocol and dignity became evident.

At the present time, Holy Mother Church has been compromised, and it is time that all Roman Catholics make the decision to stand up and be counted for what God intended Holy Mother Church to be:  a fortress of Faith, Honor and Dignity, capable of warding off the ugly enemy, satan.

To rebuild, reorganize, and re-establish Holy Mother Church would not be an overpowering, impossible task, because Truth and sound logic with God’s Will as the rudder for men to follow, cannot fail.

There is so little emphasis on the Holy Father in America.  There are so few Bishops and Cardinals who remind the faithful of the Holy Father and the important position he has as the Pontiff.  The emphasis is mostly on Dioceses and what the men in each Diocese sanction, and this emphasis has become the law rather than the supporting vehicle to the Holy Father.

If satan were obvious in all his moves, all his intercessions, all his devious ways, people would run for their lives.  What the men in the Church have forgotten to teach the people is about the archenemy of God and how he works, what they must be fearful of, and how he attacks the morals and the structure that God built for men, and how he would go about this ugly subversive plan.

What happened to these lessons to warn people?  What happened to the men in Holy Mother Church who ignore the very existence of this evil character?  What happened to the men who used to be spiritually strong beautiful Priests?

In these times when there is so much distress over the lack of unity in Holy Mother Church between the Priests and the flock, it is sad when the Priest cannot answer a question properly or with dignity from a very confused Roman Catholic, especially when the question refers to a sermon or an improper change in protocol that in some ways is offensive and abusive to the Faith of an individual.  If the question is that irritating, that repulsive, then the answer must have a touch of evil and not really feel comfortable to the Priest.

Rather than the lay people sitting back and trying to adjust to what some men are doing, the Holy Father should be brought into the whole picture.  The Holy Father should be approached with what the authority in America in Holy Mother Church is subjecting Roman Catholics to and with; also, the injustice of how Roman Catholics are treated, and in the sad state of affairs that only those who are in agreement with this dictatorship are listened to.

Please, Your Holiness, help us for the sake of our Souls.”

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