ON JUNE 4, 1981


“There are so many books being written today about so many subjects that should be handled only by qualified, educated, duly authorized individuals.  All manners of speech, all subjects in speech are readily aired by the uncouth, by the crude, and by people who feel that to be this outgoing or vulgar will make money for them.

To speak of being discreet in these days makes some people laugh because they find to be discreet is difficult for them.  They have succumbed totally to an animalistic ideology of human nature, behavior, need, desire, standards, and values.

Today’s accepted culture stimulates an immoral code of ethics that bases all things on infidelity, blasphemies, permissiveness, perversion, promiscuity, to the point of unadulterated paganism, and in some cases, satanism.

Culture, in its true sense and true meaning has been diminished, not just watered down, and in many cases eliminated, so that people can enjoy a way of life that refuses refinement and rejects dignity.  In this atmosphere there is a tremendous surge toward animalistic behavior favoring improper codes of living, rejecting responsibilities, and emphasizing freethinking.

The lack of stability that is evident in so many people does not make one feel secure in their relationship with others, but it tends to cause concern for one’s safety morally and physically.

The world must become stable.  It is evident that many people are seeking stability, but are not willing to reject the forcefulness of the aggressive, overzealous people who use all types of media to gain their point, immoral though it may be.

Awareness of the total situation is the first step to changing the situation.  Along with the awareness we have, we must understand that any participation on our part says to God, we are not only aware, but we are involved.

When we see things in a totally repulsive form that is obviously against the Will of God, we are obligated and it is our responsibility to not just reject but to correct, never to be involved but to stand up in an obvious way in rebuttal to the existing situations.

Everyone who believes in God, who has the Faith to follow what God has decreed must be, who understands that the Ten Commandments are from God and are the Guidelines for life, must defend Truths and be ready to reject all untruths that others are permitting, promoting, nurturing, promulgating and justifying.”

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