ON JUNE 5, 1981


“Life should not be lived on a teeter-totter.  Men should not teeter between right and wrong, but should be aware of the necessity to right over wrong.

In so many businesses, social obligations force men and women to ride a teeter-totter every day, balancing between Heaven and Hell, and sometimes feeling the weight that they are fighting, seemingly throwing their values and standards out of balance.

It is necessary for all men, no matter who they must deal with, to structure their lives with their values and standards first on what they know is sound for the good of their Soul.  The struggle to permit one’s self to be in a critical state of right and wrong is really never necessary, because if one refuses to compromise and refuses to patronize for social or monetary reasons, then the teeter-totter is not a problem.

Never even allow a hint to anyone that you feel you are on a teeter-totter between God’s Will and satan’s desire.  Never allow yourself to be looked upon as not having sound values and sound standards based on sound morals.  Once you relax your morals, it is sometimes taken for granted by others that you have weak standards and weak values and that you can be compromised easily; also, that you are vulnerable to anything they choose to encourage you to act according to their wishes.  Keep before you at all times, Sainthood My Goal.”

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