ON JUNE 8, 1981


“Even with all the emphasis on evangelism, there is a tremendous Spiritual void throughout the whole world.  There’s a feeling of emptiness.  There is a feeling of something lacking in everyone’s Spiritual activities and Spiritual growth.  There is no other explanation for this void than to describe it as a lack of sound doctrine, a lack of truths, and a lack of wisdom in what is being taught by so many self-made prophets and evangelists.

The lack of these things causes a lack of motivation, a lack of stimulation, and a lack of Faith in God.  There is so much emphasis on humanism that it automatically avoids dependence upon God and resists even discussing the Purpose for life, Sainthood.

Human emotions, human senses, human involvement, human happiness, human satisfaction of desires, human needs, human understanding, human counsel, belief in human capabilities superseding other beliefs, are all diminishing the reality of God’s Pure and Real Existence.

Men have fallen into so many traps of immorality that they find it normal for their way of life.  If this paganistic trait does not end, God’s Justice will have to take a stand.”

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