ON JUNE 9, 1981


“Both of these terms of decision reflect many moods, ideas, reasons, attitudes, personal opinions, and numerous other thoughts, words and actions of an individual.

Sometimes these words are said in defiance, belligerence, dominance, antagonism, revenge, and/or hate.  Other times they are said in commitment to something good.  They portray a resolution to solve a particular thing.  They determine that the responsibility or an obligation will be solved, or resolved.

These statements of fact are said thousands of times every day, and many times they can be termed ‘vows’ that do not easily release the commitment, making these words important to the lives of individuals.

There are religious vows, there are marriage vows, there are vows in the courts of law that when these words are sworn to on a Bible, they are binding.

These are not just words, and yet people use these words loosely, commonly, indifferently, emotionally, falsely, selfishly.  They are rarely used too prudently.

The next time you say, ‘I will,’ or ‘I will not,’ remember how much these words mean, what they reflect, what you intend to accomplish by them, what responsibility you are accepting, or what you are in disagreement with, and what results will come from your saying these words.  Many promises are abused and even broken by these two very simple statements.  These are not words to be casually tossed around.”

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