ON JUNE 24, 1981


“The slime of immorality is scattered throughout the world.  Its inception was caused by human beings allowing, accepting, participating in and perpetuating everything that is against God, His Ten Commandments and the Church He Established, Instituted and left for the whole world to follow His Will for the sake of each man’s Soul.  Immorality has no boundaries.  There is no place in the world immune to it or safe from it.

At the moment of conception of every human being there is a Soul, a Guardian Angel, and a will to support the Purpose of the physical life for the reason God intended.

The very intellect of man is a direct affirmation that man was born to a higher degree of reasoning, understanding and goal.

Man’s innate thirst and hunger to learn more and to learn much from other men confirms the intellect and will that men have.

The innate feeling in man that shows through his feelings of sadness, remorse, fear, apprehension, concern, emotions, compassion, and quiet or expressive desire to survive against all odds, supports and clarifies man’s ability of expression, dignifies the human conscience as recognizing sensitivity to good or bad, right or wrong, protecting the physical, mental and Spiritual through the awareness of all that it touches.

So many times it is difficult to be totally aware of things that are happening that are not obviously wrong because they are surrounded with a facade of justification and colored with benefits.  The justification and the benefits cannot always be identified with sound values and sound standards or sound reasoning, but the false justification evolves from the potential nature of the credibility.  Many times justification shines so bright, covering what is wrong, because the justification is pleasing, advantageous, or more comfortable, more palatable to one’s way of life, one’s interest, one’s weaknesses, one’s lack of strong sound values and standards.

False justification is sometimes the expression of a madman, just to satisfy his own emotions, own lack of sound behavioral coordination.  Many times justification is not always just, nor does it ever justify impure, immoral, indecent action of any kind.

In the time we live, we are much victimized and mainly victimized by the facade of timely change that preempts any traditional values or logical concerns.

When we think of the world from a viewpoint of picturing the land, the water, the desert, the mountain area, we tend to see just that, and we do not allow ourselves to look at the reality of what exists in these particular places.  From the viewpoint of standing in one country and looking at other countries, we evaluate their worth and their existence by what we have learned about them.  We form opinions, and our prognosis is that we are not affected by their faults because we are over here and they are over there, so we eliminate any real concern that they might be having an objectionable effect on us.

We read that drugs are brought in from different places.  We dismiss it because we do not feel involved.  There are numerous ways in which we are affected by the immoralities, the standards and values of other countries, and especially since the world has become so close in communication, and distance so easily accessible to us.

You cannot say that Communism in Russia does not affect you; it does.  You cannot say the drug market from any place does not affect you; it does.  You cannot say that medical science from other countries does not affect you; it does.  You cannot say living where you live is totally out of contact with the thinking, practices or social changes of another country, because you are affected by their fads, sports, household items, sciences, food recipes, and clothing.  These have tremendous effects on our life in respect to other countries.

Holy Mother Church has always been universal.  Holy Mother Church has always dealt with men of all countries, and Holy Mother Church has stood out as the leader because of Its stability, Its values, Its standards, Its strength, and of course, Its truths that are the basis of all of this.

We now live in a web, in an entanglement, in a chaotic wave of discrepancies due to depending upon human values, human standards, human ideals, human evaluations, human opinions, humanism in imitation, humanism in the weak term of ‘normal for our time’.

Let’s see things realistically and not submit to imitation, temptation, false leadership, or any unreasonable, irresponsible, immoral acts against God.”

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