ON JUNE 24, 1981



What’s the answer to more people dedicating their life to religious vocations?


Is it obsolete?


What will encourage men and women to serve God for the right reason and purpose?


What would make a religious vocation ideal or more compatible to an individual living a totally religious vocation for the good of one’s Soul and for the privilege of serving God in an ultimate service for mankind?”



“Of course there are answers to these questions, and answers that dignify the beauty of a religious vocation.




All people, the young, middle-aged and older should never lose sight of the beauty to serve God as an individual, in a life of total dedication and commitment for the benefit of the physical being, the mental health, and the Spiritual Holiness of themselves and all other people.



Sound religious vocations cannot be obsolete because God is Eternal and we are never without Him.  His continuous Existence in our life through the air we breathe, our constant awareness of His Gift of Faith to us, and His Church in which He left for us The Holy Communion of Him with us, His children, cannot be cast aside, erased or forgotten.  The indelible proof of His Presence is more than our Faith, it is our reasoning, our intellect, and our Soul’s constant closeness with God.



In such a total commitment in a religious vocation of life, it is necessary for sound leadership and sound Spiritual authority to be the absolute formula for others to follow, desiring Holiness for themselves and to work at being this example to others.

Such devoted leadership and authority is not evident in these times, but we must begin to ask God to allow this to happen because of its magnificent purpose and the beauty of its soundness in serving Him in the physical life.

Example of happiness in serving God is one of the greatest encouragements to others to want to follow in this path of life.



An ideal religious vocation is to be living physically, emotionally, morally, mentally and spiritually, totally involved in wanting to please God above all things, and totally aware of what such service to God means to Him, means to one’s Soul, and means to all people throughout the world.

Happiness in a religious vocation shouts stability, honor, dignity, and a love for The Divine that rings with a purity of mind, body and Soul.  Happiness that radiates from one who serves in a religious vocation humbly, and yet revealing a tremendous strength that recognizes the privilege of such a life, should show to everyone that as God put His Blessing upon the married state with the privilege of procreation, companionship, and service in many areas of life, that The Son also showed the beauty of the single life in service to The Father.  He also showed in this manner of life the beauty of sacrifice, the purpose for example, and the greatness in selflessness and in a lack of selfishness that could give example to man beyond what anything else could.

Sometimes it is important for particular individuals to bind themselves to a religious vocation because it is the soundest way for them to reach Sainthood.  In many of these cases, to accept another way of life, though they would live it with the necessary sharing and acceptance of the responsibilities attached to it, they would also be more likely to find temptation more readily and perhaps even be more vulnerable to impure actions.

It is difficult to tell someone which vocation they should follow, for the will of each individual, the nature, the personality, the desires, the dreams, the hopes, the aspirations, the ambitions, are individual to each person, and a lifelong vocation must be arrived at through the individual’s own will and own strength of commitment.

Religious vocations are not absolute promises to Sainthood, but it is a beautiful vocation of life that God has shown Great Love for, and Great Direction to, giving man a choice to serve Him in a particular way to arrive at Sainthood.

If man would only look logically, seriously, openly, at all the paths God has given to man, man would never have an excuse to not serve God and to not become a Saint.”

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