ON JULY 1, 1981


“Prayer is our manner, form, method, means and understanding of a verbal communication with God.

We must never omit prayer from our daily life.  Even though our actions, thoughts and deeds are always to be His Way and according to His Will, our prayers in His Direction are our direct communication for our personal attention to His Existence and to His being our God, our Judge, our Creator, our Hope.

Prayer can be short, long, or just ejaculations such as ‘I love You, God,’ ‘Thank You, God,’ ‘Please stay close to me, God.’

Prayer is important for it speaks our inner feeling to God and allows us to say personal things to Him that are between just God and us.

Never forget the beauty, the privilege or the necessity for this wonderful Gift of Faith that gives us strength, hope, peace of mind, and encouragement to go on and do things we might never have the courage or incentive to do.

Prayer is a Godsend, so return the love, and send your prayers to God.  Deliver them yourself.

The sad part about people in their prayer life is that they approach prayer with little Faith and understanding of the Miracle of Love that God is.  They forget that His Presence, though not seen, is more present and understandable than someone who is talking, singing, or moving about.

The very Presence of God is evident in our very existence and in the Ultimate Control of the universe, plus the magnificence of the very design of man in relation to other things, plus the intellect of man that is constantly evident every moment of every day.

God is Real and should be seen as a Real Being that is Superior and Ultimate, and it is not necessary to see Him with the physical eye, only to have the Faith to feel His Presence at all times.”

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