ON JULY 2, 1981


“Mumblers have a motive of deceit, lies, and covering up the real thing.

People are not born mumblers.  They adopt this form of communication so they won’t be understood and people can’t pin them down to decisions or commitments.

Mumblers are annoying, disrespectful, insincere, insecure individuals who never truly enjoy life because they are too busy covering up their intentions, real feelings, what they have done or are doing, thus feeling that people won’t expect anything from them, so they won’t have to produce.

If you know a mumbler, there is no quick cure, but there are some methods that force them out in the open.  One is, don’t anticipate their needs, make them show good signs for the needs.  Second, don’t cater to their mumbling by wearing yourself out trying to fit the sounds with the situation.  Third, don’t yell in anger at them, but talk so softly they can’t hear you.

This subject and solution is very important.  It is necessary to stand up and be counted mentally, physically and spiritually, and if we do not see our moral obligation regarding the mumblers in our society, we will waste our time on them and spend less time on worthwhile projects, people, and good example for others who need our time and example.

Mumblers have undue, unjustifiable tempers.  This is sinful and should not be catered to.  The world today is overrun with mumblers.  Don’t support them.

Mumblers can cause such irritating situations and relationships that the anger derived from these times causes offenses against God and sets a mood of retaliation, impure thoughts, words and actions.

If you are a mumbler, STOP IT.”

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