ON JULY 3, 1981


JULY 3, 1981


“Scandal is not just in the news media.  Scandal is the result of impure, improper actions against the decency of another person’s name or reputation.

Scandal is more common than people care to think.  It is the obscene lack of respect for the moral values and standards that are God’s Will for man, emanating from immodesty and/or blasphemous accusations against the reputation or personal life of someone.

Scandal is abusive to not just the dignity of an individual, but to the intellect, the Spiritual values, beliefs and standards of someone, plus the derogatory accusations, intentions or liable inferences that encourage a vile contempt for the moral structure of an individual.

Scandal is a sinful process of degradation and debases the moral values and standards of an individual, belittling the decency of their moral behavior that God intended for them.

Scandal is evident at all ages.  Are you a scandalmonger?  Do you thrive on scandal?  Does scandal give you a feeling of being informed, a feeling of an inside look into the private life of someone else?  If so, it would be wise to find a more sound, healthy means of entertainment, of interest, of satisfaction.  To find pleasure at the expense of other people, not just suggests, but definitely shows instability in one’s personal opinion of one’s self, and also shows a lack of integrity, a lack of dignity and a lack of moral values.

Scandal can be a treacherous affront to the victim’s life, family, work and social acceptance.  Don’t buy scandal sheets, information or conversation.  To read it, to listen to it, to pass it on can mark your Soul with serious offenses against God.

Turn your thinking, your interests to more positive worthwhile entertainment, hobbies, and time-consuming productive projects.

Don’t dismiss this subject from your conscience.  You are surrounded by it, and it will take a positive stand from you to walk away from it in every way you are touched by it.”

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