ON JULY 7, 1981


JULY 7, 1981


“Running for physical exercise or running because it is necessary to escape from a situation or running in a race, makes running reasonable, understandable and practical.

Running from sound direction in sound religious beliefs eliminates logical behavior and points to irresponsibility, irreverence, irrational behavior.

Justification of dismissing the Ten Commandments from one’s life gives an unrealistic value to all rational laws of government, or society, because these were all based on the Ten Commandments.

How can people follow a satanic movement, accepting all that is evil, eliminating all that is good?  What is the basis for such irrational behavior?  Some people say such a movement is not that serious in the world.  These people are uninformed, but they are also like ostriches because they do not want to face the sound reality of what is really happening in the world.

All of the immorality that is expressed openly and with great fervor is proof of a demonic pressure in the world.  People run because they do not feel they want to stand up for what is right.  It takes too much time, too much energy, too much strength, too much perseverance, too much integrity, and it forces them to be ethical.  When people fight being ethical, fight being truthful, they are supporting a lesser code of ethics, code of culture, code of religious beliefs.

People run for many reasons, and in the running there can be great chain reaction caused, because of the sensitivity of man to man.  The next time you run away from what you know is truth, sound Faith in God, bear in mind that God must be first in your thoughts, in your love, in your direction, in your goals.”

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