ON JULY 8, 1981


JULY 8, 1981


“There is a mistaken idea about piety.  Piety is defined very simply as Reverence for God, devotion to religion.  Both of these things are outward expressions of Hope and of Faith in God.

It is difficult to see piety in today’s evangelism that is so dominant in the world.  Evangelism today bears a strong mark of self-love, self-esteem, self-performance, self-righteousness, self-perfection, false prophecy, false idealism, false interpretation, false translation, omitting the beauty of piety in its true essence.

When you kneel quietly before The Blessed Sacrament, it should be in an act of solemn dignified Reverence to God because of Who God Is.  Piety is expressed through our prayers, in our repetitiveness of our prayers, in our devotion to our prayers, and our Spiritual exercises and ceremonies that honor God in special ways.

Piety is not a thing of the past because Reverence for God should never be a thing of the past.  It is time that people begin to return piety to their way of life and remember what piety means in its content, in its reason, and in its practice.”

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