ON JULY 20, 1981


JULY 20, 1981


“The shoes of a Saint could have been the same size that you wear.  They walked in them for the purpose of a life of fulfillment, using sound moral values and sound moral standards, living a life of personal application to Divine Rule and Will, each as an individual acting for a particular cause, for a special reason, facing adversities with a dignity and an integrity, dauntless in their beliefs and Faith in God’s Will.

Today we have this same privilege, to act for the same reasons and for the same purposes as they did.  When the last recognized Saint died, all paths to Heaven were not blocked off from the rest of mankind.  In each day of living there are many opportunities to face fighting for God’s Will to be done in the world.

The world has survived many abominations caused by man to man.  The world has survived many great wars in which many men’s lives were uselessly taken.  The world has survived immoralities of the lowest form encouraged by the enemy of God and of man.  But how did the Souls survive all these things?  Were all human beings in a perfect state of Grace so that there is no question as to the Salvation of their Soul?  To some people this is not important as long as they still have a world to stand on, a sky to stand beneath, lodging to shelter themselves, and food to eat and drink.

Tomorrow when you awaken and it is time for you to put your shoes on, ask yourself this very important question:  Would you be proud to hand your shoes to someone else; that is, in the sense that to follow in your shoes they would imitate all you have done, using you as the perfect example for the Salvation of their Soul?  Would you feel confident that these shoes of yours would be able to show them the path to God?

Think about this.  Pick someone you love very much, and in your Will to them, Will them your shoes to follow and to repeat every step you took, every direction you went.  Will these shoes lead them to Heaven?”

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