“Men are shouting they have The Holy Spirit within them.  What most of them are saying is that they have the Power of God within them, and can deal with physical adversities of other men through miraculous ways, thus eliminating God’s Will.  The pretense of including God is disgusting because in the flow of their words, in the manner of their walk, their egoism is a fretful, frightening sight.

The Miracle Of Saint Joseph is God’s Love for mankind.  It is a Teaching Miracle, and It is a Miracle that has divulged much Information critical to man’s better understanding of the Purpose of life and how God’s Love, in many ways, has shown man the Importance of becoming a Saint.

Approximately two thousand years ago, God placed upon the earth Portions of Himself as a Family, with full knowledge that through time men would use every means to diminish this Ultimate Gift of Love from God, in His Love, Mercy and Justice to man.  Also, He knew that many would survive the turmoil caused by diabolical misinterpretations and interferences because of their Faith in Him and how He would work to give man the path He had created man for.

In the placement upon the earth of the Portions of Himself that men could relate to, that men would hold down through History as Important, is significant of God’s Intercession, because if it had not been an Ultimate Reason for an Ultimate Purpose by the Supreme Being of all mankind, such History would have fallen by the wayside; men would have trampled on it, and would not have thought it important enough to continue its memorable purpose.

The Intercession of God Himself has been the Source and the Force for which, by which, through which and with which the History of this Holy Family has existed all this time.  Men’s interpretations, men’s opinions, men’s theories can never change the Reason, the Intention, the Purpose that God acted with and upon.

So in our time, with the Faith we have been endowed with, the understanding of God’s Greatness, His Generosity, His Pure Love for us, the Gift of Faith, our will and our Soul, plus the Guardian of our physical and our Soul, our Guardian Angel, could not be myth, fantasy, or imagination.  There is too much substance to man’s life, too much reality in man’s existence to be able to ignore God’s Intercession in a manner that is obviously in existence at all times.

The Holy Ghost, The Holy Spirit of God is the Power upon which our Faith is sustained, is supported, and grows, and through The Miracle Of Saint Joseph, we have been informed, we have been enlightened, we have been directed, and we have been taught that the Beauty of our Faith is God’s Gift of Love for our Soul.”

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