“How can man seriously think that there have been no Revelations from God since the time of the Bible.  No matter how man terms the Visions of Our Blessed Mother in All Her Beautiful Messages to the world through little individuals who were committed and dedicated to a role of life called ‘True Mysticism’, surely the very content of the Messages can be recognized as God’s holding man close to Him through The Beloved Mother of God.

It is so ridiculous for men to not see the Beauty and the Depth of a Mother’s Love that would never leave Her children without help, hope, direction, or protection.  It has been ‘man’s interpretation’ of what finalized Revelations as God’s Will.

Through time there have been numerous people who have become Saints through their actions, and certainly their works, with what God passed through them to remain for all time.  These Saints and Teachings and Revelations cannot be determined lesser because They were not in the Bible.  The injustice to God in such biased thinking is revolting, because it diminishes the Supernatural Love of God for man to that of a human dimension saying, ‘I have given you all I will; I will give you no more.’

Wake up Roman Catholics, and wake up to the reality of your Faith in God, how strong your Faith is, and how you use your Faith to become a Saint.  Be alert to recognizing, learning, and then understanding that the Will of God is the most wise decision to accept.

In the beginning of your depending totally upon the Will of God, there will be times you will try to enforce your own will, but as time goes on, and the Will of God is seen as the totally right thing for you, then you will learn to not feel that you have accepted defeat because you have not exercised your own will, but you will find that the results you are experiencing have given you strength and more purpose to life, plus you are now depending upon the Wisdom of God which is Exact and Pure in all things.

If other men looking at what you are doing, criticize you for not involving yourself in many things they feel you are foolishly resisting to be involved in, do not allow this to interfere with your way of thinking, your newfound understanding about the Will of God.  Continue in the way you know is right, and use your actions and all your example so that others will benefit when they are with you, hear about you, or even think about you.”

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