“It is only God’s Mercy, God’s Love, God’s Generosity, God’s Will that permits the balance of the Universe to remain in balance.  This Power of Control is only a ‘Portion of God’s Full Power’, but it can never be ignored.  The Consecration at Mass is the Intercession of The Holy Spirit of God, thus eliminating the diabolical scheme that tries to call this Great Gift ‘a symbol’.

The tragedy that man has allowed to become a way of life, called ‘humanism’, constantly blasphemes God and consistently insults Him with sacrilegious banter and acts.  There is so much blasphemy against the Most Important Part of Holy Mass.  The ridicule, the theory, the opinion, diminishing God’s Sacrifice of Love for all of mankind to a mere symbolic gesture, is a grievous offense against this Ultimate Sacrifice of Love given for men’s sake and man’s Soul.

In the Act of Consecration of the bread and wine into The Body and Blood of Christ, there is so much more than the mere words say.  In this Act of Consecration, it is through the Power of The Holy Ghost’s Intercession that places God into the bread and wine.  The Words of Consecration assure the faithful that the Act of Consecration has been consummated.

The Mystery of The Holy Ghost bearing the Wisdom and the Power of God is in reality the Portion of God that gives to mankind a Substance in which man can partake in a Physical Communion with God, uniting the physical and Spiritual Faith of man with the Will of God through The Third Person of The Holy Trinity, reminding man that The Second Person of The Holy Trinity gave an Ultimate Gift for the Salvation of mankind so that the Souls of men could one day realize a Life Eternal with God Himself.

Men forget that the Real Power in the Act of Consecration at Holy Mass is due to the Intercession of The Holy Ghost, The Holy Spirit of God, Who constantly fulfills the promise that when men perform this Act of Faith, God is present in a Physical Form that is understandable to man, palatable to man’s human taste, and strengthening to man’s morals, plus Spiritual Nourishment to man’s Soul.”

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