“Striving for success in life gives purpose to living.  Men strive for success in business, success in social popularity, success in a monetary way, success in competitive fields that show worth to what they are doing.  Why then cannot many men see that success, having many facets to it, has an ultimate facet, a final facet, and that is, when all things end in the physical life, life should not end.

All men can be successful at attaining Sainthood.  The very fact that men have been given Faith in God should say to man there is more to this Faith than just talking about it or depending upon it in time of need.  This Faith in God has to have a great purpose to it, and man should ask himself, ‘If I want to be successful in other facets of life, then why should I not also strive to be successful in my Spiritual life?’

It is just common sense for man to see the reality that there is more to Faith in God than just being aware of it while living.  Faith in God is the force that controls, balances and permits our Faith in God to exist in spite of all obstacles, all adversities, and all false theories, false opinions, false interpretations, and false translations.

Happiness in Spiritual Faith is recognizing truth.

Happiness in Spiritual Faith is making use of the truth.

Happiness in Spiritual Faith is working at being truthful.

Happiness in Spiritual Faith is being example of all that is truthful.

Progress is practicing one’s Faith through perseverance.

Progress is utilizing the benefits of one’s Faith.

Progress is controlling one’s selfishness and self-love.

Progress is keeping the Goal of Sainthood in sight at all times.

Success in Spiritual growth is achieving the desire to please only God.

If you lose your Soul, then your whole life will have been in vain.”

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